Key to facility excellence

MainManager is a comprehensive Computer Aided Facility Management system (CAFM) currently used to maintain and operate over 30,000 buildings all around Europe. We offer modifiable, effective and user friendly solutions tailored to the needs of the facility manager.

"At the end of the day, a sound methodology is not enough - you need the tools and systems to implement plans in the most efficient and cost effective way."

-Dr Brian Atkin


One major reason for the use and installation of BIM models is the fact that BIM models created through the design and construction phase of the properties can then be used in the propertiesʼ maintenance and operational phase.

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A crucial factor determining the success of software is its ease of use. Users must be able to understand its functions readily and learn them quickly. This is why ease of use and simplicity have always been key concepts in MainManagerʼs design.

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Todayʼs users expect to be able to work on different equipment. They may want to perform a task on the go: create work orders on their phones, view their tasks through their laptops, take a picture of the property and attach it directly to a file or task.

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MainManagerʼs flexibility allows each client to customize the system to fit its needs. The flexibility stems from the fact that the system provides for different user groups which are highly configurable.

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